Hanna Bork receives certificate for North American Studies

Prof. Zimmermann was delighted to present Hannah Bork with her certificate for North American Studies. Ms. Bork had completed the course communicative skills and two classes in literary studies, earning the certificate and 10 ECTS.

Prof. Zimmermann and Hanna Bork, holding her certificate in front of a book case, smiling

Photograph: Jutta Zimmermann


Two students receive certificate for North American Studies

Heike Zierow and Arne Lüthje both completed the North American Studies module the Center for North American studies offers. Both students had participated in Communicative Skills and the Travel Writing Workshop that resulted in the publication of Feel Kiel.

Prof. Zimmermann and Dorothee Schneider were happy to present Ms. Zierow and Mr. Lüthje with their official certificates that earn them a total of 10 ECTS.

Mr. Lüthje Prof. Zimmermann Ms. Zierow and Dorothee Schneider

Photograph: Graham Howard



Canadian Summer Lecture 2017: "Notes from Underground: Circulation, Evasion and Impasse in Canadian Urban Fiction"


Canadian Visiting- Professor Domenic A. Beneventi of Sherbrooke University gave a talk about recent works of Canadian fiction that stage the "underground" as a material reality of dispossession and poverty. He discussed how the city as a space of victimhood also becomes a space of agency, resistance and subterfuge.

The lecture was followed by a round of questions and a lively discussion.

Prof. BeneventiZwei Studenten und eine Tasse Kaffee





Marit-Inga Suel receives Certificate of North American Studies

Zwei Studenten und eine Tasse Kaffee

Prof. Dr. Zimmermann and Dorothee Schneider were very happy to present Marit-Inga Suel with a Certificate of North American Studies. Ms. Suel had successfully completed the course Communicative Skills and two classes in American studies (American Renaissance and The Gothic Tradition), and thus earned 10 ECTS and the certificate.

Photograph by Graham Howard