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Students of English and American Studies (B.A.) are also very welcome to attend both "Communicative Skills" and classes in the Fachergänzungsmodul Nordamerikastudien

Fachergänzung Nordamerikastudien Summer Term 2018

Fachergänzungsmodul Nordamerikastudien &

Sprachpraxismodul Nordamerikastudien


Fachergänzungsmodul:  The list with the summer term 2018 classes is now available here

Sprachpraxismodul: The Communicative Skills class during this summer term will take place Monday 10-12 am (have at look at the univis entry here)

Registration for the summer term classes will begin on March 23rd, 11am and end on April 5th at midnight.

To register for one of the classes (both Sprachpraxismodul and Fachergänzungsmodul), please proceed as follows:
1. Please log into your OLAT-account. 
2. Open the catalogue and go to Philosophische Fakultät >Zentrum für Schlüsselqualifikationen
3. For each of the classes listed above, we have created an OLAT-course. The names of all OLAT-courses start with Anmeldung Fachergänzung ZNAS and the name of the lecturer. From 11am on March 23rd, 2018 onwards, you will be able to register as a participant in the respective OLAT-course. (NB: courses are limited to 2-5 participants respectively, except for Communicative Skills).  By registering as a participant in the OLAT-course, you register for the class. This replaces any other registration procedures. We will forward your name to the lecturer at the beginning of the term. Please identify yourself to him/her at the beginning of the semester. 
In case of problems or questions please do not hesitate to get in touch (Dorothee Schneider: schneider@anglistik.uni-kiel.de; my office hours during the winter break can be found here)