Requirements Profil Fachergänzung

Students who wish to obtain the Zertifikat Nordamerikastudien are required to successfully take part in the Sprachpraxismodul Nordamerikastudien and the Fachergänzungsmodul Nordamerikastudien. Please note that it is also possible to only complete one of the modules offered by the ZNAS. You are only required to participate in all three classes of both modules if you want to obtain the Zertifikat Nordamerikastudien.

Sprachpraxismodul Nordamerikastudien: 

Communicative Skills - 2 SWS, LN (written exam at the end of the semester), 3 ECTS

Fachergänzungsmodul Nordamerikastudien: 7 ECTS total

1. Seminar or Lecture - 2 SWS, TN (attendance only), 2 ECTS 

2. Seminar - 2 SWS, LN (10-12 page term paper), 5 ECTS

You can find an overview of the requirements of the two modules here  (Please note that the Modulverantwortliche for both modules is now Dorothee Schneider)

Students who have successfully completed the 'Fachergänzung Nordamerikastudien' will be awarded an official certificate by the head of the Center.