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Canadian Summer Lecture 2015

CSL 2015 Soennecken

Canadian Summer Lecture 2014

CSL 2014

Conference Re-Imagining Canada 04.-06.06. 2014

Conference 04.-06.06. 2014

Poster NWF


Canadian Summer Lecture 2013

  06. 06. 2013, 18:00 - 20:00

Seminarraum International Center, WR 400


Dagmar Soennecken (York University, Toronto)

The Europeanization of Canadian Immigration Policy



Poster Guest Lecture Dagmar Soennecken

                                                                                               Soennecken 01


Guest Lecture Peter Freese (11.11.2013)

11.11.2013, 14:00-16:00

Olshausenstr. 75, Hörsaal 2


Teaching New York in the Advanced EFL-Classroom


 Peter Freese 01

Presentation of Certificate 'Fachergänzung' M. Benner (06.03.2013)

Having successfully attended all the courses required under the 'Fachergänzung Nordamerikastudien', Mr. Benner was yesterday awarded the Center's official certificate, thus becoming the first student to complete the module in 2013.

Zertifikatsübergabe Herr Benner (Photo: F. Desler)

Left to right: Prof. Dr. J. Zimmermann, M. Benner. E.T. Kugland

We would like to congratulate Mr. Benner on the completion of the module and wish him all the best for his future studies!